OrcaVue-Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions

  • How does the OrcaVue Work?

    OrcaVue 360 Video Booths are designed to rotate a camera around a stationary platform to produce a video that closely resembles the cinematic bullet-time effect. These products can be uses by themselves for videoshoots or can be paired with video booth software to render 360 videos live at events.

    Our recommended softwares can share videos via email, text message, and direct to social media. You are able to brand many aspects of the user experience and are able to completely white lable outbound communication.

  • What's the difference between automatic and manual 360 Photo Booths

    Automatic photo booths use a motorized, electrically powered, camera arm. Manual 360 photo booths require that the user throw the camera arm or push it around the platform, which leads to inconsistent and wobbly videos (and tired attendants!)  This is the reason why manual versions are less popular than automatic ones. 

    All OrcaVue 360 booths are automatic. The power can be supplied by an AC outlet or by an optional battery that will last over eight hours. The arms can be started/stopped by the included key fobs, an iPhone app (including several popular 360 Software ones), or by an optional footswitch.

  • How many people can fit on an OrcaVue platform?

    There are three OrcaVue Sizes: The Air 34, the Air 39, the Air 46 and the OrcaVue XL.

    The Air 34 has a 34 inch platform diameter and can hold up to 3 people

    The Air 39 has a 39 inch diameter and can hold up to 4 people

    The Air 46 and OrcaVue XL have a 46 inch diameter platform and can hold up to 5 people. However, the Air 46 weight capacity is 1200 lbs and the OrcaVue XL is 1500 lbs.

  • Which software should I use?

    Good question. We didn’t really have an answer either, so we partnered with the leading 360 software companies and added one-click operation to our booths. This means that a single press on the key-fob will start the arm, begin the software recording session and then stop the arm—in a totally seamless and integrated manner. This ability is currently available in SnapPic, TouchPix, Gruvy, DSLR Booth, Luma Booth, Curator, and Darkroom.

  • Can the height of the camera be adjusted?

    All OrcaVue models come with an adjustable arm that can be adjusted to be place a camera higher, or further from the central platform. For information on the rotation diameter and height capabilities check out each product’s individual product page

  • How does the Arm-Isolation or “Image-Stabilization” technology work in the XL model?

    Each XL model incorporates a separate set of legs under the unit that support the arm and motor assembly separately from the platform. This allows participants to dance and jump at will on the platform without transferring that movement through to the arm. This capability is vital when shooting high-quality content for commercials, music videos, etc. See video

  • How loud is the Orcavue 360 photo booth?

    Our booths typically make a soft whooshing sound as the arm spins. Depending on the settings, there may be a slight click when the booth starts/stops.

  • Will the arm of an Orcavue 360 photo booth hold a 5-pound ring light and camera?

    Yes! OrcaVue 360 photo booth arms are constructed from thick-walled aluminum tubing that can support 6 or more pounds. Our arms also have several mounting points that allows extra tablets and lighting to be easily attached. 

Event Questions

  • How long does it take to set up an OrcaVue?

    Setting up just the OrcaVue platform is easy! It can take as little as 60 seconds. Check out our 60-second setup video.

    However when servicing events, we give yourself at least an hour to deal with event logistics, load-in, additional branding, lighting, ensuring we have a great internet connection, etc. 

  • How much space does an OrcaVue require?

    The recommended footprint space to use an OrcaVue is roughly 10 ft x 10 ft.

    Pro Tip: Ask for a 15 ft x 15 ft space, you’ll find that clients tend not to give you what you ask for.

  • What are the power requirements to operate an OrcaVue?

    OrcaVue products require 120v/240v. The motor draws 200watts at peak.

  • Can an OrcaVue 360 photo booth run on batteries?

    Yes, the OrcaVue 360 photo booth has a battery option that will run the booth for over eight hours and 300+ recording sessions. This ability saves time during setup by eliminating the inevitable search for an outlet and the subsequent need to tape down the cord. For outdoor events, a battery is often the only feasible option.  See video

  • What happens if the arm is obstructed – will it stop or will the motor burn out?

    Our models detect obstructions and bring the arm to an immediate halt, avoiding damage to the unit and to property. See video

  • When filming with an OrcaVue, do I need to use a camera with built-in stabilization?

    Advancements in in-camera stabilization technology is one of the main drivers that allowed us to make OrcaVue products available and affordable price points to the photo booth market! 

    OrcaVue Air Models – Camera with stabilization recommended – This includes iPhones, iPads, GoPros, and Most DSLRs

    OrcaVue XL – Camera with stabilization not required. The OrcaVue XL has an isolation mode to allow for a perfectly smooth camera rotation.  

  • How do I transport an Orcavue?

    All OrcaVue models come with dollies that will be your best friend when traveling to events. We know this because we were in your shoes traveling to events with our products years ago. See Dolly Video

  • Will my OrcaVue fit in my car?

    The answer is usually yes (see video), with some exceptions.

    • The OrcaVue Air 34 will fit in any car no problem.
    • The Orcavue Air 39 will fit in just about any car, some small cars may need to put their back seats down. Some cars the Air 39 will not fit in are a Smart Car and an Infinity G35x.
    • The OrcaVue Air 46 and XL will only fit in larger SUVs or vans.

Company Questions

  • How much does a 360 booth cost?

    OrcaVue 360 photo booths start at $4,190 for the 34-inch automatic Air model and run up to $7,490 for the 46-inch XL model that incorporates built-in image stabilization. If you are finding booths significantly cheaper than the Air, it typically means that the booths are made from thin, tack-welded sheet metal components that have very limited strength or capacity. The arms will typically support a limited amount of weight and the motor systems will have a very limited life, particularly if the arm is stopped while in use or pushed around while off.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    We ship 360 photo booths to nearly every location across the globe. Generally, we use UPS Air Freight, which typically delivers units to a country’s customs department in about seven days. 

    We typically have all units in stock, and your order will generally ship one to two business days after receiving payment.

  • How many staff does it take to operate an OrcaVue at a video booth activation?

    We typically recommend two staff for large scale activations, and one staff for smaller private events.

  • How much can my photo booth company charge for a 360 video booth activation?

    This depends heavily on your location, experience, and event type. Photo booth operators generally set the price based upon a minimum number of hours with a fee for each additional hour. Weddings and corporate events typically have more guests as well as larger budgets and might be priced higher than a small backyard birthday celebration. Pricing for an OrcaVue 360 booth is generally higher than that for other types of booths.

  • Do the units come with warranty? How long does it take for repair?

    All OrcaVue 360 photo booth units come with a one-year warranty that covers manufacturer defects (but not normal wear and tear). Repairs are made very quickly, once we have the item back in our facility in Washington DC we are typically able to turn it around in a couple days.

  • Can I split my payments across credit cards?

    Yes, but not by using our on-line checkout procedure. Instead, just call us at 301-812-3801 and we will take care of you!

Purchasing Questions

  • Is there customer support available for OrcaVue products?

    Give us a call at (301) 812-3800 Mon-Fri 9a-5p EST. Or shoot an email to support@orcavue.com, we do our best to respond within 24 hours.

    Check out what some of our customers have to say.

  • Where are Orcavue photo booths made?

    Each OrcaVue 360 photo booth is constructed for durability and performance in our Washington, DC production facility. Our tech support team is available weekdays from 9AM to 5PM EST. See video

  • Does Orcavue make their own booths or do they resell from another manufacturer?

    We invented the 360 photo booth in 2014 and received a patent for it in 2016. Since then, we have been building them ourselves using American labor. There are some parts such as the motors (that we have been using for 5+ years) and covers which are built by outside suppliers, but all of the metal-work, welding, finishing and assembly is performed in house. This is why our booths are rarely out of stock and can ship so quickly. See Video

  • Where can I see an OrcaVue 360 photo booth?

    We are always happy to demonstrate our booths at our facility located just outside of Washington, DC in Oxon Hill Maryland. Please give us a call at 301-812-3801 for more info.