About OrcaVue

OrcaVue [or·kuh·vyoo]

n. – Derived from [or]biting [ca]mera [view] 

A device that orbits a camera around a central point, creating an orbiting camera view.

OrcaVue is the proud manufacturer of patented technology that revolves any video camera in a 360-degree view around a central stationary platform. The end result? A seamless and breathtaking video mimicking the iconic Matrix bullet-time effect.

OrcaVue was founded as an event company, providing turn-key event servicing for ad agencies, brands, and private events, as well as rentals of the OrcaVue XL for video booth companies and videographers, and purchases of the OrcaVue Life for videography enthusiasts.

These days, OrcaVue is providing premiere 360 photo booth hardware to the photo booth industry with the OrcaVue Air 360 and the OrcaVue XL. Addtionally, OrcaVue is also leading the way in satisfying the photo booth industry’s demand for more approachable Glambots with the OrcaVue Glambot

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info@orcavue.com | (301) 812-3800

About OrcaVue's Event Industry Partners

As an event company we were trusted by some of the most respected event agencies in the business.