OrcaVue International Orders

OrcaVue ships to nearly every country around the world. Unfortunately, there is not an all-world online calculator that can take the many variables into account and produce a reasonable shipping estimate.

Therefore, we ask that you complete the form below. Upon receipt, our team will contact our shipping companies for the best pricing. This typically takes 1-2 business days, after which we will return a quote to you.

OrcaVue products are assembled at our US warehouse in Oxon Hill, Maryland. All items are generally in stock and ready to be shipped 1-2 business days after payment is received.

Once shipped, most overseas orders are typically received at the local customs department within 7-8 days.  At that point the carrier will contact you for any taxes/duties that are due. The time through customs varies considerably, and OrcaVue is not able to estimate how long it will take an order to clear or the fees for particular countries.

We’d love to work with you!  Please let us know if you have any other questions.