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Super Bowl LIII with Kreate - 360 Slow Motion Video Booths

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While there would only be 1 real winner of Super Bowl LIII, fans in the VIP lounges of the Rams and Patriots at Super Bowl LIVE weekend at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta were both winners when it came to fan experiences. Situated right in the center of all the action, both Rams and Patriots VIP fan sections were setup directly across from each other, overlooking the main stage. Another similarity both lounges had was the OrcaVue 360 video booths, serving as the primary centers of entertainment in each space. Fully customized 180 degree backdrops were fabricated that served not only to catch the attention of passers-by, but were the eye-catching background of the 360 slow motion videos VIP fans would receive. With each backdrop being customized using their respective team’s logo, Pats and Rams fans soon found themselves having a blast showing their enthusiasm for their beloved team. Everyone from team mascots to Hall of Famers took a go and were taken aback at how cool their videos would turn out. In particular, Jarred Goff’s (the Rams starting QB) family took a great liking to the OrcaVue Video Booth, and recorded more than a handful of videos that they got to watch, download and then post to social media. For 3 full days, the OrcaVue team serviced both 360 video booths and made sure that the action never stopped for fans of Super Bowl LIII.