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Spider-Man: Homecoming Press Junket

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There couldn’t have been a more ideal place to host a press junket for the new ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’ movie than in the Big Apple itself. With the iconic web-slinger’s movie debut just a few days away New York City seemed to be as lively as ever, especially at the Whitby Hotel where the cast of the new movie could be found. As bloggers and influences made their rounds through the junket, OrcaVue provided a unique immersive 360 video experience that defied gravity. With the help of your neighborhood web-slinger (who was the real stunt-double in the new movie) participants became stars themselves as they were saved by Spiderman jumping in to rescue them from falling off the side of a building. Having Spiderman as a ‘live prop’ further added to the immersive dynamic of this experiential marketing creation. OrcaVue created a unique background graphic by using a 360 camera to capture the real skyline in New York, and modified it to create a vertigo effect that made it look like participants were hanging off the side of a building. With actors such as Robert Downy Jr. in the same room, the OrcaVue 360 video booth was a premier attraction at the Press Junket over the next 2 days

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