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SEC Championship with The Marketing Arm

Check out what we accomplished...

As millions of fans tuned into watch the SEC Championship between Alabama and Georgia at Mercedes Benz Stadium (home of the Atlanta Falcons), over a million LEDs (1,228,800 to be exact) illuminated stadium-goers in the OrcaVue Hype Booth before kickoff. With so much energy brewing before a big game like this, OrcaVue’s Hype Booth proved to be an awesome outlet for fans to create their very own hype video, reminding everyone on their social media what team they were rooting for. How did fans get the video to post on their social media? Thanks to OrcaVue’s sharing software, fans not only got to watch their video on nearby iPad kiosks within seconds, but they got to email the video directly to their phones for download. OrcaVue’s sharing software also allows for custom HTML email templates to be built for any event, so of course fans received their emailed videos in a sleek and edgy SEC Championship email. The emails weren’t the only thing that was sleek and edgy though. The outside of the Hype Studio was also built, designed, and assembled entirely by the OrcaVue team. While the inside of the booth was the most important element, the surrounding aesthetics of the booth complimented the entire immersive experience and made fans feel engaged in the activation from start to finish. With TV monitors outside of the booth displaying the action going on inside, it didn’t take long for crowds of fans to line up for their turn at creating an epic hype video in under a minute.