OrcaVue Refund, Return, and Warranty Policies

Below we have summarized our most-asked-about policies. Please see our Commerce Terms and Conditions for a complete description of them as well as other policies that relate to doing business with us.


Order Cancelations Prior to Shipment

If an order is canceled before an item is shipped, you will be issued a full refund. If you wish to cancel an order, it must be done by sending an email to support@orcavue.com. Note that there will be a delay between the time a cancelation request is received and the time that our shipping department is able to process the request. So, if for example, you request to cancel an order that is awaiting pickup at our loading dock, it may end up leaving before the department can pull it. We make no guarantees as to the length of this delay or our ability to halt an order in progress.

Order Cancelations While Shipment in Progress

It may be possible to cancel an order that has been shipped but not yet delivered, but much of our ability to do this this depends upon the timing, the carrier, and the stage of delivery. Alternatively, you can opt to not accept an order when the delivery is attempted. In either case, when the shipment arrives back at our warehouse, we will issue a refund less the outbound and return shipping charges plus a $25 processing fee. If you wish to cancel an order that has already shipped, it must be done be sending an email to support@orcavue.com.

Order Returns After Delivery

After an order has been delivered, you can receive a partial refund by completing the following steps:

  1. Contact us for an RMA number within 7 days from date of delivery at 301-812-3802 or support@orcavue.com.
  2. Ship the items to be returned (at your expense) back to us within 7 days of receiving the RMA number. You are responsible for the condition of the returned items until they are delivered to us so be sure to send them with adequate insurance coverage.
  3. The RMA number must be included on the shipping label (or written next to it on the box); failure to include the RMA number will result in the return being rejected.
  4. The returned item(s) must:
  • Include all original packaging in an undamaged form
  • Be in a new, undamaged, and unused condition (note:  we can easily determine if a 360 unit has been used by reading an internal “odometer”)
  1. Upon receipt, we will inspect the return. 
  2. If the returned items meet the above criteria, we will issue a refund less a 15% restocking charge.
  3. Items not received within 30 days of the RMA number being issued will not be eligible for a refund.


Software products are not eligible for a refund under any circumstances. Software licenses offered as part of a package, commence on the date equipment is delivered.


All items are tested and carefully inspected before shipping from our manufacturing facility, which means that nearly all damage occurs during the shipment itself. Please follow the procedure below if you receive a damaged item.

  1. If, when the item is delivered, it is obvious that the shipment has been damaged, do not accept it. Then, please contact us at support@orcavue.com or 301-812-3802, and we will arrange a second shipment.
  2. If the damage is not noted until after taking receipt, please take pictures immediately, preferably before opening.
  3. After opening, take more pictures of the damage; be sure to include the box/pallet and the shipping label.
  4. Send an email with the order number and pictures to support@orcavue.com.
  5. We will investigate and arrange for the damaged items to be replaced.

NOTE: Damage claims must be reported within 7 days following delivery.


All shipments are reviewed to ensure that they are complete before leaving our facility. If you receive an order that appears to be incomplete, please contact us at support@orcavue.com or 301-812-3802, and we will arrange for the missing item to be shipped to you. If an order includes a backordered item, it will be noted on the enclosed paperwork, and you do not need to contact us. We will automatically send the missing item to you when it becomes available.

NOTE: Claims for missing items must be reported within 7 days following delivery.


All orders ship from our facilities in Oxon Hill, MD.

Although OrcaVue notifies customers of expected shipping dates and delivery times and makes every effort to meet them, these dates/timeframes are not guaranteed and are largely out of our control. As such, OrcaVue bears no responsibility for:

  1. The actual ship date, including circumstances in which a particular date has been provided by email or indicated by a general notice such as “orders received by a 2 PM, ship same day.”
  2. Delivery times, including those where a specific timeframe has been indicated such as “overnight”, “two-day”, “by 10 AM”, or “Saturday” delivery.

When a shipment is delayed for any reason, whether it is caused by OrcaVue or a carrier, OrcaVue will not waive return fees (see above), refund shipping fees (including those for expedited shipments), request a refund of fees from a carrier, or provide compensation for lost opportunities, revenue or reputation. The reason for this is that nearly all delays are caused by the carriers, all of whom offer no actual guarantee and nearly always have a reason that voids any liability on their part.

Given the above, please allow time for unexpected delays.


OrcaVue warrants that our equipment will operate in accordance with its specifications for a period of one year from the date of delivery, except for:

  1. Equipment that is classified as batteries or lighting, which has a warranty period of 90 days.
  2. Software and associated licenses, which are supplied as-is. OrcaVue makes no express or implied warranty or representation that any software, licenses for such, and related information are accurate, up-to-date, error-free, or that they are suitable for any particular purpose.
  3. Bluetooth and DMX interfaces contained within the equipment are supplied as-is and have no warranty or guarantee of current or future compatibility or interoperability with any application, including any applications supplied by OrcaVue.

If you feel that any purchased equipment does not perform in accordance with its specifications, please notify OrcaVue by emailing support@orcavue.com or calling 301-812-3802.  After determining that a valid warranty claim is present, OrcaVue may, at its option, ship replacement parts to you.

Alternatively, OrcaVue may issue a return authorization and require that you ship the equipment back to us. If upon receipt of the equipment, we find a manufacturing defect that was not caused by normal wear and tear, we will repair the equipment and return it to you at our cost. If we find damage that is not covered by our limited warranty, we will notify and invoice you of the cost of repair and shipping. You will have thirty (30) days to pay such costs; if we do not receive payment from you during that 30-day period, we will dispose of the returned equipment.

This warranty extends only to the original purchaser and is not transferable.

In no case will OrcaVue be liable for lost opportunities, revenue or reputation caused by equipment, software or DMX/Bluetooth interfaces supplied by OrcaVue.