OrcaVue Glambot Preorder Deposit


The OrcaVue Glambot brings the highly sought-after red carpet glambot camera motion to the photo booth industry at an approachable price. Engineered with the operator in mind, the OrcaVue Glambot is easily transported in a wheeled road case. Setup is a breeze, and you can be ready to capture show stopping videos in less than 3 minutes.

Downpayment Information

  • Refundable deposit for the Glambot locks in price of $11,990
  • Full payment due 2 week prior to shipment
  • Orders placed today expected to ship early August 2024
  • International orders not expected to ship until mid-September
  • Includes free shipping in continental US

Glambot Features

  • Plug and play. No tools required. Glambot sets up in under 3 minutes.
  • Preloaded camera paths. Adjust paths on the fly at your events for different crowd sizes and heights
  • Size matters.  Five foot six inch reach gives you the ultimate shots.
  • Worry-free power and data. Hardwired power/data connections to camera & sharing station.
  • No tech-wizard required:
    • Internal USB hub provides quick connection between GoPro and capture/sharing app running on an iPad
    • Internal router provides easy cellular*/WIFI/LAN connectivity.
  • Road case included. Glambot packs down to stay safe while in travel mode.
  • Automatic safety notifications. Light and sound operating signals.
  • Designed and tested to run with a GoPro 12. Also works with smaller-model iPhones but quality is not as good.**
  • Connect with SnapPic (Glambot.app coming) for simple operation with just the push of a button.
  • Internal & external power outlets. Reduces cables and easily connects third-party accessories.
  • Bluetooth integrations with your favorite photo-sharing apps provides effortless control

* Sim card not included, **Cameras not included




Glambot | Frequently Asked Questions

  • How difficult is it to set up an OrcaVue Glambot?

    OrcaVue Glambots can be set up in three minutes or less–no tools required!

    To do so, perform the following steps:

    • Move the road case containing the packed Glambot into position
    • Tip the road case up onto the robot’s exposed feet
    • Remove the clamshell sides of the road case
    • Adjust the leveling feet
    • Pull the built-in display back into the working position
    • Plug the Glambot into an AC power connection using the supplied 15 ft cord
    • Attach a GoPro to the top of the arm
    • Connect the GoPro to the USB-C port on the side of the head
    • Connect an iPad to the USB-C port on the rear of the robot
    • Place a tape mark (or small rug) 8 ft in front of the robot to indicate where subjects should stand
    • Start your preferred app on the iPad
    • Press the unfold button on the operator display to put the arm into its initial position
    • Select a move and then press start in the app you are using!
  • Are OrcaVue Glambots difficult to operate?

    OrcaVue Glambots were designed for simplicity. Operators simply select a “move” from a list pre-programmed paths. Most moves also allow the operator to select the height of the subject and the number of people in the shot to keep it from zooming in too close. The connected app start the robot, records the move, and then makes it available for sharing.

  • What happens if the Glambot arm is bumped out of place?

    The Glambot arm is designed to “give” if it encounters an obstruction. Often it can simply readjust after such an encounter. But in the case that it needs to be “re-homed,” simply place the arm into glide mode by pressing the red switch at top of arm for half a second. A buzzer will sound and the LED light will blink several times to indicate that the arm is about to go limp. When it does, simply push the arm back into the storage bracket, watching the two indicators which illuminate when the arm is completely reseated. When they are both green, press the red button again. The arm will re-energize and is now ready to return to operation.

  • When will the OrcaVue Glambot be ready to ship?

    The first OrcaVue Glambot orders are expected to ship in May 2024. Orders placed today are expected to ship mid-June. International orders are expected to ship mid-July.

  • What cameras can be used with the OrcaVue Glambot?

    The OrcaVue Glambot was designed with the expectation that it would be used with a GoPro 12. It can also accommodate the smaller iPhones, but the quality will suffer.

  • Why doesn’t it work with mirrorless/DSLR cameras?

    Mirrorless cameras and DSLRs struggle to maintain focus at the rate the Glambot arm travels. Counteracting this would require adding a motorized focus puller, which would then turn everything into an elaborate science project, exactly the opposite of what we were working towards. We think that you will find the quality surprisingly good.

  • What should photo booth operators charge for Glambot activation services?

    Different regional markets will have fluctuating demand and supply. Therefore, you’ll need to test the pricing in your market to find the optimum level. We’d recommend experimenting with $2-5,000 per day for private events and $3-8,000 per day for corporate events.

  • What photo booth apps can be used with the OrcaVue Glambot?

    Presently, we use SnapPic for testing. That said, all of the apps which can start an OrcaVue 360 platform should be able to start the Glambot, although the level of customization and integration will vary. These apps include: Curator, Groovy, Snappic and TouchPix. Plans are in the works to add our extended protocol to SnapPic, Glambot.app and Curator. This will allow selection of moves and greater control of the robot directly from within the app.

  • Plug-and-play 6-axis robot arm
  • Wheeled road case
  • Built-in operator display
  • 2x wireless remotes
  • 15ft power cord
  • GoPro & iPhone mounts
  • 1-Year warranty