IPW Denver

Check out what we accomplished…

OrcaVue IPW Denver Image

With International Pride Week in full swing the city of Colorado, Denver was embracing the festivities. As the day was ending, the scene at Tracks Night club was just getting started, and the OrcaVue team was already setup inside and ready to kick things off. As guests entered Tracks, it was hard not to notice the aesthetically pleasing 180 Step and Repeat that was the center-piece in OrcaVue’s 360 Video Booth footprint. The step and repeat featured a star studded and stylish design that’s main objective was to promote travel to Los Angeles via Big Bus, the brand that OrcaVue was representing. Hired by Destination D.C., OrcaVue’s primary goal was to promote Big Bus and they did just that. With the Step and Repeat taking care of the physical branding, the digital branding came in the form of a png overlay in participant’s videos. Additional digital branding was also utilized in how users received their videos. Whether users received their videos via text or email, they saw the extra promotional hashtags and verbiage that Big Bus wanted their audience to see.

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