Las Vegas Golden Knights

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With Las Vegas heralding itself as the ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’, it’s no surprise that their professional sports teams are creating epic stadium and fan experiences to live up to the city’s title. The Las Vegas Golden Knights (LVGK / VGK) took no exception to this; teaming up with OrcaVue on their ‘Opening Knight’ to create the ultimate game-day experience. With a footprint situated right smack in the middle of the golden carpet, OrcaVue had all eyes on their setup.

OrcaVue built-out a 14ft circular truss (complete with lighting and spectacularly designed fabric graphics) around their patented 360 video camera rig to effectively create a stunning 360 Degree Video Booth. Complimented by 2 fog machines and golden confetti cannons, the 360 Video Booth was ready to capture all of the star-studded action. As the VGK players made their way down the golden carpet to the stadium, each one of them stepped into OrcaVue’s 360 video booth and got their videos taken in under 30 seconds, and were on their way with no delay. Other entertainment talents, such as Carrot Top, The Blue Man Group, and Imagine Dragons, also experienced the lightning-fast workflow as they all took their 360 videos in under a minute, making the most of their time. Check out some of our favorite videos from the event on this page!