NBA All-Star Game with Tissot Watches

Check out what we accomplished...

If you watch any sports news recap of an NBA game, they often start the clip with a superstar player walking through the stadium to their locker rooms. Why? Because these superstars embody the definition of cool calm confidence…and they look incredibly stylish doing it. That style is part of what makes a Tissot watch, and the company wanted to bring that same cool element to fans of 2019 NBA All-Star Weekend in Charlotte, NC . By teaming up with OrcaVue and CAA, Tissot did that and even more. To create this pre-game experience at Epicentre, just a few minutes away from Spectrum Center, OrcaVue built an immersive environment that replicated an NBA players tunnel entrance in a 10 x 10 space. But how can you replicate a stadium tunnel in that small a space? Problem solving like this is what OrcaVue excels at. By taking a picture of a hallway and printing it large enough to put against a wall, this would create the illusion of a real tunnel.

It couldn’t be just any tunnel though, so OrcaVue went over to their local NBA team’s stadium (Capital One Arena) and took photos of the tunnel that Washington Wizards players walk through. To make the large photo printout even more lifelike, OrcaVue setup a real metal rollup door to frame the tunnel picture in and serve as the primary backdrop in participant’s videos. For brand exposure, a large Tissot watch was also printed and flanked the rollup door on the right. But what was on the left? A door that fans would enter through, stepping into the immersive environment of the players tunnel where they would embody the swaggy confidence of NBA Superstars while wearing a sleek and edgy Tissot watch. Fans were given 10 seconds to showoff what they were working with, while the OrcaVue team filmed them from the front of the activation space. The kick though was that footage of NBA superstars, like Klay Thompson and Tony Parker also wearing Tissot watches while walking to games, were cut into the footage of participants. This side by side comparison to NBA Superstars allowed for participant’s videos to be that much more impressive and cool.