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NBA Draft - 2019

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As technology progresses, so does the way we capture experiences. Photographs have solidified themselves as the basic foundation for encapsulating moments, but what happens when you want to build upon that and create awe inspiring takeaways?

Cinemagraphs are that next step in the future of photobooths.

Cinemagraphs are a photo-video composite that brings motion to otherwise static photos creating captivating end results that are hard not to share. Achieved through a green screen backdrop, the photographs taken are sent through OrcaVue’s complex yet blazing fast processing software, that layers the dynamic animations into the static photographs. OrcaVue’s sharing software also embodies the same characteristics of speed and quality, as the finished cinemagraph products are ready to share in under a minute.

OrcaVue’s Cinemagraph software was a critical key for success at the 2019 NBA Draft, where OrcaVue teamed up with CAA to promote the Tissot Brand. As newly drafted NBA players arrived into the OrcaVue cinemagraph experience, they posed in front of the green screen, which would soon create a cinemagraph of their newly drafted team’s city skyline in motion-with their new team. Since there are 30 NBA teams in the league, OrcaVue created 30 unique cinemagraph backgrounds that were ready for whatever NBA draftee stepped into the experience. The NBA draftee’s definitely enjoyed the OrcaVue experience as they were visibly excited after receiving their own cinemagraphs on their phones to post on their social media handles. Cinemagraphs were rendered and post processed within 30 seconds and the workflow rate per player was roughly 1-2 minutes since multiple takes were done for more content generation. That being said, we know the players would have loved to stay for longer and not return to the monotony of press interviews that awaited them throughout the draft day in New York City. Check out some of our favorite cinemagraphs from the event here on this page!