MLB All-Star Game 2019

Check out what we accomplished...

The ‘2019 MLB All-Star Game’ week started off in full swing at the Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland, Ohio. OrcaVue teamed up with Fox Sports Ohio to bring green screen level production to the big leagues for fans, and created one of the coolest immersive experiences at Play Ball Park. Play Ball Park, held the self-proclaimed title of “the ultimate fan experience” during All-Star Week, and OrcaVue was proud to help prove that statement true.

The more than 600,000 square foot fan experience area was home to activations both inside and outside the convention center, with OrcaVue and Fox Sports being situated on the inside of the convention center. With so many different immersive experiences around, it wasn’t easy to stick out from the crowd, however the Fox Sports production team did a fantastic job with the setup of the booth space, and the OrcaVue team executed once again to bring the 360-degree green screen booth to life. With the slow-motion video booth being 10ft in circumference and height, it makes the outside booth surface an ideal place to add branding and call to actions for would-be participants. This was done by printing graphics on SEG (silicon edge graphic) material that not only looks great but is very durable. With the outside of the booth advertising a ‘360’ degree experience, it was easy for passerby’s to be drawn in. Additionally, helping with this were 3 vertical 55 inch tvs mounted to trussing structural columns of the Fox Sports booth area itself. Additionally, LED boards were beautifully hung in front of the booth in the shape of a ‘T’, displaying eye catching content, further luring in convention center go-ers.

The OrcaVue Booth itself was the primary attraction, with fans having the ability to choose between 2 MLB themed environments. The 1st environment was a 360-panoramic photo of the Cleveland Indians Stadium from the perspective of home plate and looking outwards. This was hands down the most popular choice, however participants also had the option of choosing from another 360-panoramic photo of the Fox Sports Ohio news room. The most popular prop, aside from baseball bats, was the Fox Sports microphone which provided some extra fuel for participants. Like all OrcaVue events, participants could watch their rendered videos almost immediately after exiting the green screen booth, in addition to having them sent out to their email. The email that fans received was a custom-built HTML email that not only looked great, but also provided call to actions for participants to ‘download the attached video below’ and post with ‘#sto360’. Aside from the UI (user interface), one of the more impressive aspects of the fan sharing experience was the QR code process that OrcaVue also setup. With videos being sent out quickly thanks to OrcaVue’s blazing fast post processing software and cutting edge QR scanning system, fans were elated to have their videos in the palm of their hands (more like phones) promptly after they excited the fan experience. Check out our favorite videos from the event to see the full immersive fan experience!