Final 4 Pre-Party

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March Madness is a sport spectacle unlike any other. At the end of the regular season, 64 of the best NCAA College Basketball teams are pitted against one another in a ‘win or go home’ bracket style tournament, with the winner being crowned the best team in the country. Over the course of a few weeks anything can happen. From unthinkable upsets to outright dominating performances, anything goes in the week of March. From 64, to 32, to 16, the number of teams in the tournament keep decreasing until there are only 2 left to fight in the championship game. Before that though, those two teams need to earn the final right to be there; the last stepping stone in the tournament famously known as the Final Four.

With so much on the line, tournament goers are buzzing with excitement the entire time. As a result, fan experiences are also held to the highest of standards to match fans energy and keep the goods times rolling. This is where OrcaVue comes in. Utilizing their all-encompassing 360 video booth, aka the Immersive Booth, OrcaVue teamed up with Be Events to capture the excitement of the arena for fans in an epic 360 slow motion video. Utilizing the Immersive Booths 360 degree encompassing backdrop, a fabric backdrop was printed to give the feel that fans were overlooking the basketball court and stadium. With the confetti cannons set on full blast, and Final Four custom basketballs on hand, booth participants took their turns at filming their awesome 15 second slow motion videos. With this exciting fan activation going on during the Final Four, participants were thrilled to see their excitement captured for them to post on social media, as video were emailed out to participants from iPad Sharing Kiosks directly outside of the immersive experience. Checkout some of our favorite videos from the event to see just how awesome of a fan activation this was!