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Cleveland Cavaliers - Hype Video

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When LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers were in need of a new hype video to get their fans excited at home games, OrcaVue was called upon to provide Hollywood caliber action shots and get the job done. With a skilled video production team using OrcaVue’s flagship 360 camera rig, the OrcaVue XL, engaging 360 slow-motion player profile shots of Cav’s players were captured at various angles in stunning HD quality. The All-Star OrcaVue footage collected was then masterfully stitched into an adrenaline filled hype video of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ most dominant athletic performances. Incredible athletic NBA plays served as the main foundation of the hype video, and OrcaVue player profile shots provided the extra spark to keep fans engaged and on their toes. With matrix bullet-time style production footage making LeBron James seem even more like a superhero than he already is, fans have no problem getting pumped-up before home games when the hype videos start rolling. OrcaVue shots were featured in not 1, but 2 Cleveland Cavalier videos in back-to-back seasons. Check out both videos and see which one’s your favorite!