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Chicago White Sox 
360 Video Camera Rig

Spring Training - Production Shoot

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With the NBA regular season drawing to a close, the Brooklyn Nets wanted to make sure their fans got the recognition they deserved for cheering on the team through thick and thin. Springboarding off the success of the last big fan event, ‘Nets Social Night’, OrcaVue was called upon once again to deliver an unforgettable fan experience for the Brooklyn Nets faithful. Using their latest booth infrastructure, the ‘Spiral Booth’, the OrcaVue setup was almost impossible to miss and caught the attention of all passers-by in the main concourse. Inside the spiral shaped booth was an impressive fabric graphic that seamlessly spanned the entire inside circumference of the immersive fan experience. The graphic was a panorama of the Nets best players such as Jeremy Lin, D’Angelo Russell, and Jahlil Okafor, but that wasn’t all. Separating the NBA players was the Nets logo, the night’s hashtag of ‘WE GO HARD’, and Honda’s logo since they were the night’s sponsors. With OrcaVue using their one of a kind slow motion 360 video camera rig, participating fans could star in their own eye-catching videos in which the stunning panorama graphic was their background. With the help of a high-powered confetti cannon, Brooklyn Nets themed black and white confetti rained down upon participants in their videos. Digitally, two separate video overlays were added to fan’s videos. The first was a bottom left corner fade in that said, ‘Fan Appreciation Night’ with ‘presented by Honda’ in smaller font underneath. After 10 seconds, this faded out and gave way to the second overlay fading into the middle of the screen with the night’s big hashtag line verbiage of ‘WE GO HARD’. Participants were then of course able to view, share, and download their video immediately after exiting the 360-video booth. Check the videos out on our page to see for yourself how Nets fans got to encapsulate this awesome end of the season event!