NYX Party

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OrcaVue 360 Video Booth NYX

Glitz, glam, and gorgeousness could all be found at the famous Andaz West Hollywood hotel on Sunset Blvd for the NYX International Welcome Party. OrcaVue joined forces with Kadota Productions and NYX to create a 360 booth that provided a branded and social media supported guest experience for over 200 VIPs. Utilizing a 180 degree backdrop with eye-catching NYX coloring and branding, the OrcaVue 360 video booth was busy the entire night with guests eager to show-off their beautifully done makeup by NYX. Guests were able to watch and share their 360 slow motion videos to social media shortly after exiting the 360 video booth. With OrcaVue’s experiential marketing booth fueling the party, guests were eager to share this awesome experience to social media. Guest’s videos featured digital branding that included an NYX logo and the party’s hashtag #livingforface. Digital branding was added in additional areas of the sharing experience to further remind guests of the awesome party that NYX was proudly throwing.