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Nissan - College Game Day

Check out what we accomplished...

Embarking on a collegiate ‘tour de France’ of NCAA football games over a 3-month span, OrcaVue teamed up with The Marketing Arm and Nissan to bring innovative game day excitement to colleges across the United States. From Stanford to Michigan, to Miami and Alabama, OrcaVue active at 13 major college campuses to promote Nissan’s new cutting edge technology in it’s premier model vehicle, the Nissan Rouge. How did OrcaVue come into play? OrcaVue flipped it’s own patented 360 camera technology on its head, to grab stunning top-down 360 visuals of not only the Nissan Rouge, but of college football fans huddled around it. As participant’s videos were taken of them next to the Nissan Rouge, they got their chance to showcase the same enthusiasm they felt for their team about to take the field. With a flurry of #1 finger signs and let’s go [insert college football team here], fans were equally pumped up when they got to see their videos in under 20 seconds on the iPads close by. Even better, every participant could send themselves a downloaded copy of their video via email where they could then post to social media. All videos were processed and taken using OrcaVue’s automated technology which allowed for overlays, music, and digital branding to be incorporated into each participant’s video. Was OrcaVue at your favorite college? Check out the videos to find out!