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Brooklyn Nets – Fan Appreciation

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With the stage set in Dallas, Texas at AT&T Stadium for the NFL’s biggest weekend since the Super Bowl, OrcaVue was prepped and primed to give fans of the 2018 NFL Draft a memorable experience. Teaming up with the Marketing Arm, OrcaVue used it’s 360 slow motion video booth to promote the NFL and Direct TV’s ‘Sunday NFL Ticket’. OrcaVue also worked synergistically with the NFL to integrate a QR code system into the fan experience. Using the NFL Draft app, fans had unique QR codes or an ‘NFL Fan Mobil Pass’ generated that was linked with their specific email. Once fans had participated in the OrcaVue 360 slow motion video booth experience, they would simply have their QR code scanned by an OrcaVue technician and then the video that they just took was sent to their email almost instantaneously. Utilizing the NFL Draft app and QR codes (NFL Fan Mobil Pass), the workflow at the OrcaVue booth was so quick that over 400 videos were taken on the first day alone! This means that the OrcaVue booth was averaging a blazing fast 1 video per 1 minute workflow rate. With the OrcaVue workflow rate running at a rapid pace, NFL fans were getting their 360 videos with ease and Direct TV’s ‘Sunday NFL Ticket’ message was being heard loud and clear. This was being accomplished in participant’s videos thanks to OrcaVue’s 180 curved step & repeat infrastructure. With the inside of the 180 curved infrastructure lined with a vivid rendering of an NFL player’s vantage point from the 50 yard line during a prime time game, fans felt like they were stepping into that same moment. OrcaVue’s most famous 360 camera rig, the OrcaVue XL, was also set atop artificial turf that gave fans an even more realistic feel underneath their feet. Retractable black belt stanchions were also used to convey a sport like feel. Over the next 4 days, OrcaVue had the grit and determination needed to make an event of this magnitude a great success.