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New York Rangers Season Home Opener

Check out what we accomplished...

On October 13th of 2016, OrcaVue could be spotted right outside Madison Square Gardens, amongst a sea of Red, White, and Blue. Enveloped around these patriotic colors of the city’s favorite hockey team, the New York Rangers, OrcaVue provided the platform for capturing professional 360 athlete profile videos. This wasn’t just any Rangers game though, it was the 2016 season opener to a season filled with high expectation. As the players of the Rangers made their way through the Fan Experience before entering into MSG Stadium, they each stopped to grab a fast and eye-catching 360 bullet time slow motion video in the OrcaVue 360 Video Booth. 11 foot trussing provided the 360 Video Booth it’s structure, while the 180 curved backdrop provided another layer of depth and body to the booth. This was apparent not just in photo’s of the OrcaVue 360 Video Booth, but in the player’s 360 bullet-time effect style videos allowing for the sponsored branding on the 180 backdrop to be seen in style. Both of these 360 Photo Booth infrastructure pieces were fully tailored with customized branding for the New York Rangers. After all of the Ranger’s players, dressed in their game day best, had all captured a 360 bullet time video, it was the fans turn. The experiential marketing experience was a success, but the biggest win that night was the New York Rangers opening up their 2016 with a big 5-3 victory over the New York Islanders