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Marcy Blum - Private Event

Check out what we accomplished...

If you’re having a birthday party in New York City, you can’t go too much bigger than having it on the 65th floor of the Rockefeller Plaza. OrcaVue teamed up with Marcy Blum in throwing this massive birthday bash. Not only did OrcaVue have its signature 360 Video Booth setup and ready to go, but it also combined a Photo Booth into the 360 Booth footprint. Consolidating a video booth and photo booth into the same operational footprint not only saved on space, but increased workflow rate and the overall user experience. The only thing better than getting a 360 video is getting a picture of the experience to go along with it! The entire workflow, both physical and digital, was made possible thanks to OrcaVue’s automated software. This software post processes a participant’s 360 video and photo in lightning fast time, and does the same in allowing them to share, download, and post them to social media!