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King Arthur Movie Tour

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Making it’s debut at SXSW, OrcaVue teamed up with A-OK to promote Warner Bros. newest movie, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, before embarking on a legendary global tour. OrcaVue’s experiential marketing technology was a perfect fit for the fan activation, in which participants got to feel the thrill of pulling King Arthur’s sword from the stone while OrcaVue recorded the fan experience in slow-motion around the participant. An immersive environment was created inside OrcaVue’s 360 video booth that featured realistic movie props (sword, heavy coat), hand-crafted stones from which the sword was pulled, and a towering life-like canvas from a scene in the movie that provided the backdrop for participant’s epic 360 slow-motion videos. OrcaVue also developed a customized recording and social sharing software specifically for all of the 360 King Arthur fan installations. Thanks to this experiential marketing technology created by OrcaVue, participants received their fan experience videos promptly after exiting the booth. This allowed participants’ to quickly post their immersive 360 experience to social media, leading to increased reach and impressions across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Working synergistically with Warner Bros., OrcaVue’s custom built 360 video technology integrated heart-pounding action music from the movie, unique typography delivery and font design, and of course a royal King Arthur branded overlay that faded in at the end of participant’s videos. With the stage set for the heroic fan experience, OrcaVue wow’d at SXSW and then ventured on a month long domestic tour. Jumping across the U.S. and activating in hotspots like New York City, Chicago, and the Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, OrcaVue created hype ‘fit for a king’ across movie theaters in the U.S. During this same time period OrcaVue was implementing it’s software and OrcaVue XL 360 camera rig setups simultaneously across the globe in cities such as Sao Paulo, Paris, Amsterdam, Mexico City, and Toronto.