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John Varvatos - Jeffery Fashion Cares

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Over the years OrcaVue has been to some pretty cool venues, and the Jeffery Fashion Cares 2018 event was no exception. Situated in the hanger deck of the Intrepid, a decommissioned and famous Essex-class aircraft carrier, OrcaVue shed it’s land legs and climbed aboard the mammoth ship to team up with John Varvatos and promote their new Artisan Pure cologne. To do this, OrcaVue’s unique 360 slow motion video booth was used to generate dazzling videos for participants that featured a 270 degree Pure Artisan graphic panorama as the background in every video. The panorama consisted of two 90 degree sections on either end that had the names of John Varvatos, Artisan Pure, and Jeffery Fashion Cares chicly presented above an actual bottle of the Artisan Pure fragrance. Even more eye catching was a High Definition portrait of the face of the Artisan Pure campaign, Nick Jonas, making up the of the middle section of the graphic. As guests began to arrive onboard the Intrepid, OrcaVue provided the 360 slow motion video booth entertainment during cocktail hour, and after the highly anticipated fashion show. Prior to the fashion show a charitable auction was held, as is tradition at Jeffery Fashion Cares events. The event itself is a charity fundraiser that was started by Jeffrey Kalinsky in 2002 and has raised over $9 millions for various charitable organizations. After the charitable auction and fashion show had concluded, event go-ers eagerly lined back up to participate in OrcaVue’s slow motion video booth so they could encapsulate the night’s fun and vibrant feel.