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OrcaVue 360 Booth Features

Set Up an OrcaVue Air in 60 Seconds!

It only takes 60 seconds to set up an OrcaVue Air 360 photo booth. Everything from the easily removed cover to an arm with quick-release clips to a battery that last for 10 hours makes load-in and load-out a breeze. Save time (and money) with an OrcaVue Air.

Obstructions and Auto Stop Feature

All OrcaVue 360 photo booths are programmed to automatically stop if the arm is obstructed without damaging the motor. Worry less about damaging your unit or property and more about your event!

OrcaVue 360 Booth Tutorials

Controller Walk-Though

Explore the front panel options of the controller used on the OrcaVue Air 360 photo booths.

How To use your Dolly (Properly!)

Learn how to easily load an OrcaVue 360 photo booth onto and off of the dolly.

Loading & Unloading from your Vehicle

Move the Air 360 into and out of your vehicle with the least mount of effort.

Using the Battery Option

Learn how to run OrcaVue 360 photo booths on battery power. Units using the battery can run over 500 sessions in a 10 hour period on a single charge.

How To Set Up The Arm

Learn how to quickly attach the arm, run cables internally, and attach additional devices to it.

How to use DMX

Learn how to configure DMX special effects devices for use with an OrcaVue 360 photo booth. Enables the same shot to be reliably captured time-after-time. Note: DMX is an optional feature.

How to Add an Extra Wireless Remote (Key Fob)

Learn how to sync a replacement keyfob with your OrcaVue Air 360 photo booth.

Switch Between Automatic and Manual

Learn how to run OrcaVue Air 360 photo booths in automatic or manual mode.

Ring Light Setup

Learn how to set up and use the ring light option with an OrcaVue 360 photo booth.

Rectangular Light Setup

Learn how to setup and use the rectangular light option with an OrcaVue 360 photo booth.

OrcaVue 360 Booth Assembly Videos

OrcaVue Gala Assembly Video

**Note the OrcaVue Gala has been discontinued, and replaced with the new OrcaVue Air Models** The OrcaVue Gala 360 Orbiting Camera Rig provides video booth operators the ability to bring the cinematic bullet time effect to any location while capturing group videos. This OrcaVue model is mobile but provides guests room to party!

OrcaVue XL Assembly Video

The OrcaVue XL 360 Orbiting camera rig makes the cinematic bullet time effect available for professional video shoots and large-scale photo booth activations. The largest, and most durable of the OrcaVue models, the XL’s flawless design makes this unit easy to use, and quick to set up with no tools required, while being able to accommodate up to 5 guests at a time with improved anti-shake technology.

Gruvy 360 Photo Booth App Tutorials

Create Your First Event

Follow along as we walk you through the screens and options on your way to creating your first event with our Gruvy 360 Photo Booth app. Learn more at or!

Control the OrcaVue Arm Through Gruvy

OrcaVue 360 photo booths allow some apps to start and stop the arm as well as control the speed and direction via Bluetooth. We demonstrate how to make this happen our Gruvy 360 photo booth software. Learn more at

Snappic Software Tutorials

How to Configure Snappic for OrcaVue 360 Video Booths

This video shows how to utilize Snappic video booth software to capture 360 videos using an OrcaVue 360 Video Booth platform.


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