Game of Thrones – San Diego Comic Con

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Using their one-of-a-kind experiential marking tools, OrcaVue took the spotlight at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) with their immersive Game of Thrones (GOT) fan experience. OrcaVue turned convention-goers into Game of Thrones action heroes/heroines by filming them in epic 360 slow-motion videos as they fended-off white walkers, while using replica swords and costumes from the show. This was achieved with OrcaVue’s 315 immersive video booth. With the inside walls of the 315 immersive booth lined with a stunning canvas of savage white-walkers in a harsh snow covered mountain range ‘north of the wall’, participants immersed themselves in this environment which was then captured via 360 slow-motion video. Game of Thrones branding was added to the outside of the booth, and solidified its presence as a ‘must try’ fan experience amongst convention go-ers. The biggest reason that convention go-ers were eager to participant in OrcaVue’s Game of Thrones fan experience was the awesome Hollywood caliber 360 slow-motion videos that participants received after trying the experience. Drawing from their experiential marketing toolbox, OrcaVue utilized RFID technology to streamline workflow and quickly send videos to participants so they could post their awesome Game of Thrones fan experience to social media. On top of quick workflow and social media sharing, OrcaVue worked synergistically with HBO to integrate immersive special-effects into the 360 slow-motion videos such as falling snow, howling wind, and an eye-catching Game of Thrones end card. With over 130,000 convention go-ers in attendance throughout the 5-days of Comic-Con, OrcaVue was fully operational from start-to-finish, giving GOT fans the exciting fan experience they were waiting for.

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