Game of Thrones – Sao Paulo Comic Con

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OrcaVue 360 Video Booth GOTBrazil

Staying true to their reputation as a Global Event Solutions company, OrcaVue’s immersive 360 video booth for HBO and Game of Thrones became one of the hottest fan experiences at CCXP in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Masses of Comic-Con convention go-ers lined up to try their hand at fending-off White Walkers, that lined the inside walls of the OrcaVue booth, with authentic GOT props and costumes. After slicing away inside the booth, OrcaVue’s experiential marketing technology turned participants’ sword swings into epic 360 slow-motion action videos that included digitally rendered falling snow, howling wind, and stylish CCXP branding. With participants being able to watch, email, and post their 360 videos to social media, word quickly spread throughout the Sao Paulo Expo that this fan experience wasn’t to be missed. At the conclusions of the conventions’ 4th day, over 1000 videos were taken and millions of impressions had been generated from the OrcaVue fan experience. Working synergistically with Crane and HBO, this event was marked as a major win for everyone involved.