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Beyond Freeform Comic Con

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OrcaVue 360 Video Booth Beyond

Creating a unique fan experience that had yet to be seen at New York Comic Con, OrcaVue deployed it’s fully immersive 360 green screen booth. Working with Grandesign to promote Freeform television network’s new show, Beyond, OrcaVue’s immersive green screen booth rendered the coolest scene in Beyond’s trailer so that fans could live out that awesome moment in slow motion. Fans were then able to share the video to their social media right after exiting the booth. Over the next 4 days, OrcaVue’s top experiential marketing booth became one of the hottest attractions at Comic Con. As can be seen from the hyperlinked video here, even the main stars from the show came to partake in the fully immersive Beyond experience!

Check out our rendering…

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