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Broccoli City - Avengers Infinity War

Check out what we accomplished...

Making their return for a second consecutive year, OrcaVue was setup and ready to go at DC’s Broccoli City Festival and promoting one of the biggest films of the year, Avengers Infinity War. Working under a tight client budget and footprint space, OrcaVue was determined to make this event a success even with limited resources. Showing it’s flexibility, OrcaVue utilized gold and red Avenger colored metallic streamers that turned a bland 10×10 tent into an engaging and eye-catching 360 fan experience. Participant’s videos were filled with shimmering Avenger colors, which also looked aesthetically pleasing moving in the slow-motion videos taken in the OrcaVue booth. With OrcaVue using their streamlined workflow and sharing software, fans were able to see their 360 videos almost instantaneously after they had taken them. Even better they were also able to share, download, and post their epic slow motion videos to social media. Another added bonus of using OrcaVue’s software was that digital branding was incorporated into participant’s videos. This came in the form of a transparent Avengers overlay in the bottom right hand corner of participant’s videos, and also during an animated Avengers end card that featured music from the film. With Participant’s videos decked out with sweet Avengers branding, the OrcaVue booth become one of the hottest fan experiences at the Broccoli City Festival. As a result, the OrcaVue crew worked non-stop, taking more than 400 videos over the course of the festival!