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Atlanta Falcons - Hype Studio in Mercedes-Benz Stadium

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If you’ve been to an Atlanta Falcons home game this season, then you’ve probably seen the flashing lights and heard the excitement of fans from the AT&T Perch at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Following suit with the AT&T Perch’s self-proclaimed title of ‘The Ultimate Fan Experience’, OrcaVue lived up to the hype by delivering their most versatile and cutting edge project yet; The Hype Studio. Comprised of over 1,000,000 LED lights, groups of participants are immersed in intricate Atlanta Falcons themed animations that surround them from 3 sides as they enter the fan-experience booth. Coupled with a reflective roof and floor, the Hype Studio transports fans into a new realm of excitement as their team’s colors and logos energetically dance around the enclosure; inviting participants to do the same. The final ingredient that really “Gets the people going!” (as Will Ferrell says so eloquently in Blades of Fury), is a pump-up song that has the power to make anyone get-up and move. For Falcons fans that song is “Welcome to Atlanta” by Jermaine Dupri and ATL legend, Ludacris. With the song queued up to play after a huge ‘3, 2, 1’ countdown appears on the 3 LED walls, participants know exactly when to get hyped and really get the party started.