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Perfect For Your Press Junket or Red Carpet Premiere

Transport your release event, red carpet, or press junket guests right into one of the scenes of your next big TV show or movie by using an OrcaVue 360 Video Booth social media activation at your event! The OrcaVue inward-facing 360-degree selfie platform allows us to capture every angle of your guests. We use our immersive infrastructure options allow us to make their environment seem like they are on the set of the film when they are actually having a blast at your event! OrcaVue has been trusted by brands like Marvel, HBO, and Netflix to provide incredible activations to guests attending their experiential marketing events. Provide guests at your next press junket or red-carpet premiere with an experiential event that they will never forget with an OrcaVue 360 booth experience!

Our Work

Netflix - Asia Pop ComicCon
King Arthur Movie - SXSW
Beyond Freeform
Game of Thrones - Comic-Con


Every possible element of an OrcaVue 360 Photo Booth activation is fully customizable to immerse your guests in your upcoming television show or movie. Use the 180-degree curved wall backdrop to provide excellent branding opportunities while capturing your event’s environment. Or, select from our 360-degree immersive printed backdrop, or our 360-degree video green screen backdrop to teleport your guests into one of the scenes from your show or movie. Our sales team will guide you through the whole process of taking your images from the flat screen to 360! Even the video content itself can be branded with static or video overlays and bumper videos. At OrcaVue, we know that our activations are an extension of your brand, and we’ll work to ensure every detail of your event is perfect!


Managing the Creative Process

We want your OrcaVue 360 Video Booth social media activation to not only be a seamless experience for your guests, but for your agency and clients as well! Our expert sales and creative staff will work with you along the way to provide static and video renderings of your 360 Photo Booth as we work towards the day of your event so that you can be sure that every detail has been considered.

Instantly Sharable

Event spaces are competitive, and nothing will deter guests at events faster than a long line. The software we use for OrcaVue 360 Video Booths allow us to move your guests through the entire social media activation in less than a minute. With the OrcaVue XL being capable of holding up to 5 guests at a time, we are able to move through about 250 guests in an hour. Guests are able to download their 360-degree video about 30 seconds after stepping off of the OrcaVue platform. Videos can be downloaded via email or text message, or they can be uploaded directly in to your guest’s preferred social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.


Data Capture

As a marketer, you know that it is not only important to provide your guests with an awesome and memorable experience, but it’s also important to build in quantitative data points that can measure the return-on-investment for each of your activations. With every OrcaVue 360 photo booth social media activation, you can fully customize the data capture points for guests who visit your pop-up store or trade show booth. After your event, we can provide you with all of your guests’ names, contact information, or survey information so that you can follow up with them later down the line. We can even provide you with a snapshot of the estimated social media reach that your brand garnished by utilizing an OrcaVue 360 video booth at your event.

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