From the backdrop, to bumper videos, to branded overlays, every pixel of your videos will be fully customizable. 



After providing your guests with an amazing experience, stay connected with fully customizable data capture capabilities.



Videos render almost immediately, ready for your guests to download or share straight to social.



OrcaVue makes your guests look good. We bring the right lighting and the right cameras to ensure your guests look like stars!

Movie & TV Experiences | Brand Marketing Activations

Sports & Fan Experiences| Private Events

Choose Your Custom Booth Design

The OrcaVue 360 Photobooth is sure to turn heads and create a lasting brand experience for fans at your event! Let OrcaVue create a booth customized to your brand and leverage your fans social media followings to direct traffic to your social channels using SocialVue.

360 Green Screen

OrcaVue 360 Video Booth with 360 Green Screen Infrastructure

OrcaVue’s 360 Green Screen infrastructure allows us to transport your guests to any environment imaginable with 360 degree dynamic video backgrounds.  

360 Immersive

OrcaVue 360 Video Booth with 360 Immersive Environment Infrastructure

The OrcaVue 360 Immersive infrastructure provides guests an opportunity for an immersive and branded experience while taking a 360 degree selfie. 

180 Curved Wall

OrcaVue 360 Video Booth with 180 Curved Wall Backdrop Infrastructure

OrcaVue’s most cost-friendly infrastructure allows you to incorporate a physical branding opportunity, while capturing the environment of your event.

360 Trussing

OrcaVue 360 Video Booth with 360 Trussing Infrastructure

Orcavue’s Trussing Infrastructure provides branding opportunities during every frame of your guest’s 360 selfie experience. 

Choose Your Software

Social Sharing Workflow

OrcaVue’s Social Sharing Workflow is our formal, marketing-driven workflow ideal for large scale marketing events and campaigns – maximizing your brand’s reach through your guest’s social media platforms.

With this workflow model, after your guest’s video is captured, our automation software can add slow-motion, hard cuts, color corrections, music, static or animated video overlays, and more, to further customize your content for your brand. In less than a minute, your guest’s video is fully rendered, edited, and populated into our iPad sharing stations.

From there, guests can preview and select their video, then directly upload them to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with pre-populated social copy. Or guests can download their video via text or email with customized messaging. All of these direct upload and download options can be turned on or off at our client’s request. All videos are also uploaded live to a custom microsite where clients can view their guest’s videos in one location.

Upon request, a custom legal disclaimer can be added to the workflow, requiring the user to agree to the clients terms prior to sharing their video.

After your event, you can monitor and analyze your campaign with our data analytics tracker. This software will allow you to monitor the number of videos that were sent out, and their reach across social media platforms. We can also provide our clients with any data captured by the iPads. This data can be stored or destroyed upon the client’s request.

Provide a professional workflow experience for your guests at your next event by utilizing the OrcaVue’s social sharing workflow.

Smartphone Workflow

OrcaVue’s smartphone workflow is a simple and cost effective option to deliver your guest’s 360-degree selfie videos to their smartphones. This workflow option is generally used for private events, weddings, or smaller activations. In this workflow option, guests are filmed on the OrcaVue platform using the 120 frames per second high definition [120fps 1080p HD] slow motion setting on an iPhone.

After being filmed, the technician will ask your guest if they would like to receive the video via Apple AirDrop or if they would like to receive the video via email. If the guest would like to receive their video via AirDrop, they will receive a notification to their iPhone that the technician would like to share a video with them and they simply click accept. If the guest would like to receive their video via email, the technician will ask the guest for their email address and will send the video via email.

Audio, video, and image layovers not available with the OrcaVue Smartphone Workflow.

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